The Kindezi School at Gideons

On March 7, 2016, the Atlanta Public Schools board voted to form a contract with The Kindezi Schools to turnaround Gideons Elementary, noted by the Governor's Office as a persistently low performing school. 

The Kindezi School at Gideons will open as a traditional public school in August of 2017. All K-5 students living in Gideons' zone of Pittsburgh and Adair Park will have seats upon registration.

Unlike the other two Kindezi campuses, West Lake and Old Fourth Ward, there will be no lottery or waitlist to regulate enrollment and students of families living outside the Gideons zone will not be eligible for attendance unless they move within the zone or if the student has administrative transfer. 

Kindezi at Gideons will offer the same small classes led by thoroughly vetted and trained teachers as the two Kindezi charter campuses. 

Ms. Danielle Washington will be the Founding Principal of Gideons Elementary for the 2017-18 school year. Ms. Washington joined Kindezi as a sixth grade teacher, and has also served as a Founding Vice Principal for The Kindezi School at Old Fourth Ward. 

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