The Kindezi Schools have become some of the top performing schools locally and statewide. 

The Kindezi Impact

In the 2014-15 school year, the Milestones test results indicated that the students enrolled in Kindezi for one year outscore their peers at APS and Georgia. However, students enrolled in Kindezi for two or more years outscore their peers new to Kindezi by almost 20 points.

2017 Milestones Test

Our 2017 Milestones results show both significant progress and additional room to grow for our students.  Included in these results are students who have been with Kindezi for their entire academic careers and students who recently joined us from other lower-performing schools.  Together, these students performed on par with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) on the English/Language Arts test and significantly outperformed APS on the Math test.  We anticipate that in the coming years, as all of our students reap the benefit of a Kindezi education, we will see these scores continue to rise.

Georgia DOE Recognition

In 2018, the Georgia Department of Education identified The Kindezi Schools as a High Progress Reward School as one of the top 10% Title I schools in the state. 

Annual Report

For more information about our achivements, please see our 2016-17 Annual Letter.