The Kindezi Schools have become some of the top performing schools locally and statewide. 

The Kindezi Impact

In the 2014-15 school year, the Milestones test results indicated that the students enrolled in Kindezi for one year outscore their peers at APS and Georgia. However, students enrolled in Kindezi for two or more years outscore their peers new to Kindezi by almost 20 points.

2015 Milestones Test

The Milestones Test replaced the CRCT in 2015, and is taken by all public school students in Georgia. Students taking the Milestones score into four bands, which describe their subject mastery. Distinguished Learners have exceeded grade level expectations and Proficient Learners have met grade level expectations. Both Developing Learners and Beginning Learners have scored below grade level and are ripe for greater achievement. 

School Climate Rating

In the most recent School Climate Rating survey performed by Georgia Department of Education, the parents at The Kindezi School at West Lake awarded Kindezi 5 out 5 stars.

Georgia DOE Recognition

In 2016, the Georgia Department of Education identified The Kindezi School at West Lake as a High Progress Reward School as one of the top 10% Title I schools in the state. 

Annual Report

For more information about our achivements, please see our 2015-16 Annual Report.