Teacher Compensation and Promotion Structure

Starting Kindezi teachers typically have a great deal to learn about our approach to teaching and their salaries range from $40K to $50K (teachers can additionally earn up to $10K in supplemental income with afterschool and summer tutoring job opportunities). However, new teachers will be provided with a lot of support and those who learn quickly can increase their salary, autonomy, and leadership status rapidly through promotions.

While there are still small annual increases in salary based on experience and degrees, large salary increases will be attached to promotions that teachers can earn through determination to close the achievement gap, being a team player, providing a superb holistic education for all, and continual professional growth. These promotions will also raise the teacher’s status and influence within the Kindezi network. Ultimately, teachers have a shot at becoming a managing partner—the highest status position within the network—while staying in the classroom full-time.

Teacher Promotion Structure

Kindezi has taken a unique approach to raising the status of teachers by enabling determined classroom teachers to achieve leadership status and leadership salaries. We understand that a teacher who can help us to achieve our ambitious mission is a valuable leader, and our promotion strategy reflects this understanding. While new teachers start in the $40,000-$50,000 salary range, a determined and talented teacher who can help us achieve our mission will be eligible for promotions quickly. Within five years this teacher could be earning in the $60,000-$70,000 range and within ten years possibly over $100,000.

These promotions are based off four main metrics: strong evidence of student learning, evidence of moving Kindezi towards our holistic aims, positive feedback from staff, students and parents, and having a strong growth mindset. Teachers who perform exceptionally in these metrics will be nominated by their principal for promotion at the end of a successful year. A small ad hoc committee will look at all of the evidence and if approved, the teacher will be offered a promotion over the summer and enter the new school year with a higher salary band and a position of more influence.

The following chart shows the teacher promotion track: position, compensation, and estimated length of service of Kindezi. Note that none of these positions are guaranteed; they are all dependent on teacher talent and willingness to grow.

Teacher Promotion Track

Teachers of Distinction

In our inaugural year of the teacher promotion program, we promoted eleven Kindezi teachers to Teacher of Distinction roles. Congratulations to our new Teachers of Distinctions! For more information, see here