Our Teacher & Leader Promotion Tracks professionallize, retain and extend the reach of excellent teachers and leaders.

Education is complex, especially at Kindezi, where we expect our teachers and leaders to use innovative, empowering approaches that provide students with the academic and socio-emotional foundation to soar. We know that inorder to retain our strongest educators in this demanding profession, we need to provide opportunities for them to continually grow and develop.  

We've developed the Teacher & Leader Promotion Tracks to 

Articulate opportunities for teachers and leaders to advance their careers.

Professionalize teaching by offering professional salaries - six figures for our top influencers. 

Develop teachers and leaders as expert educators who can fulfill Kindez's vision. 

Extend the reach of excelelnt educators through leadership opportunities.

Retain our high-performing teachers and leaders

The Teacher & Leader Promotion Tracks

Kindezi is committed to developing staff toward expert teaching. The promotion tracks provide a career pathway for educators at Kindezi to strive and grow. 

When teachers and leaders start at Kindezi, they are focused on developing their craft and learning about Kindezi's vision. Teachers and leaders who excel can be promoted to the Distinction level within two years. After the first promotion, teachers and leaders can get promoted as frequently as every two years. Both the Teacher and Leader Promotion Tracks culminate in the Managing Partner role, which is reserved for truly exceptional educators who add irreplaceable value and act as network-level leaders. Most promotions are accompanied by a salary increase of $7-$9k. Managing Partners earn six figures.    

As educators move up, they become eligible for leadership opportunities that allow them to extend their impact to more teachers and students. Teachers and leaders have considerable flexibility in crafting their leadership roles to maximize their strengths and puruse their interests. For example, Teachers of Distinction can choose to offer professional development sessions, mentor new teachers or evaluate curricular materials. 

Excellent teaching and leadership are as complex to measure as to master. That's why Kindezi's promotion process holistically rewards teachers and leaders for demonstrating instructional excellence, strong academic and socio-emotional outcomes and contributions to school culture. Teachers and leaders who meet a set of minimum academic criteria become eligible for promotions and a committee of school leaders considers all evidence of related to each nominee's contributions to all areas of the Kindezi community. 

The Kindezi community was proud to introduce the promotion tracks in 2016, when eleven excellent teachers were promoted to Teacher of Distinction roles (read about them here). This cohort has continued to represent our values and add tremendously to our community and to the lives of our students. We announced our 2017 ToD cohort of sixteen teachers in July of 2017 (read about them here). 

The graphic below outlines the promotion structure for both teachers and leaders.