The Kindezi Schools are a small, high-performing charter group that have been operating innovative and successful schools in Atlanta since 2010. Our first school, The Kindezi School West (K-8), quickly became one of Atlanta’s highest performing schools. Due to its success, we expanded to our second location, The Kindezi School at Old Fourth Ward (K-7) in 2015. The Kindezi School at Gideons was opened in 2017 in partnership with Atlanta Public Schools.

Kindezi is a Bantu word meaning “holistically schooling other people’s children with love and an eye to the future of our village.”

We believe in creating a familial environment for learning in which members of the community value each child as a piece of our collective future.

Our Vision

Our vision, expressed by the "kindezi" model, is a community of teachers and parents sharing the responsibility, privilege, and joy of holistically educating every child, preparing them thoroughly for creating success in all facets of life.

Our Mission

To transform public education in Atlanta by providing more students—including those with the highest needs—access to a genius-awakening education, built on family-sized classrooms, scholarly excellence, socioeconomic integration, and holistic growth.

We achieve our mission at each of our schools through the implementation of the Six Kindezi Pillars.

The Six Pillars

I. Holistic mission. If we want our children to succeed, we must focus on more than test scores. At Kindezi, we focus on character, socio-emotional development, physical health, creativity, and general happiness. We believe that all of these are critical elements to producing truly free adults who can achieve their dreams.

II. Family-sized classes. This principle allows for maximum differentiation, Socratic tutorial and close, positive relationships between students, teachers, families and administrators.

III. Investing in teachers. In order to ensure quality teaching, we engage in a highly selective hiring process, summer teacher training, three hours per week of professional development, weekly teacher coaching, and promotional pipeline that rewards talented and determined teachers with greater influence and pay.

IV. Challenge and support. Our culture partners rigorous expectations with caring, individualized support. Research shows that one without the other is not optimal. We love our students while always pushing them to be their very best selves.

V. Extra learning time. After school tutorial and summer learning camp are required for students who perform below grade level. Our studios also provide students with extra time to begin to master a non-academic skill such as computer coding or music. There are no short cuts. Excellence in any field requires an investment of time.

VI. Promotion of racial and socioeconomic diversity. Atlanta is a diverse city, but many of its schools are not. We believe our model is one where all children can thrive together and learn from one another that the differences that divide us are only superficial. We seek to promote a more integrated city with each of our schools.