Kindezi is a community of public schools with small classes led by great teachers.  We provide a life-changing education, filled with love and rigor, that enables all children to thrive. We believe that every child has an innate worth and value and the right to reach their full potential. 

We currently operate three schools within Atlanta Public Schools (APS):

“Kindezi” is a Bantu word which describes the act by which a community educates, loves, and values every child.


To transform public education in Atlanta by providing more students—including those with the highest needs—access to a genius-awakening education, built on family-sized classrooms, scholarly excellence, socioeconomic integration, and holistic growth.


We envision a future in which:

  1. Each child knows they have an innate worth, value, and the right to look forward to exciting futures full of opportunity.
  2. Students are empowered holistically to succeed in colleges, careers, and in improving our world for the sake of future generations.
  3. Families of all backgrounds benefit from, enjoy, and understand the societal importance of going to school together in interconnected, diverse school communities.


Family-sized classes: Opportunities for differentiation and authentic, deep relationships
Excellent teaching: Highly selective hiring, high-quality development, and career pathways
Challenge and support: Rigorous expectations with caring, individualized support
Community and relationships: Time to build community and connectedness
Racial and socio-economic diversity: All students learn from each other and thrive
Holistic data-driven: Academic and non-academic data drive decision-making